About the Federation

Under the guidance of †Father George and Presvytera Anna Gallos, the Southeastern Federation is made up of individual member choirs of the Metropolis of Atlanta that includes the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. These Orthodox choirs, like others all over the nation, have joined together and through the medium of annual conferences, district workshops, area gatherings, and special programs have strengthened the quality of Greek Orthodox Church music. Each member choir participates and plays a major role in a variety of musical activities as well as having a vote in all matters brought before the Federation Council. Officers are elected at the annual conference.

In addition, the Federation shall establish a liaison with the Metropolis of Atlanta to further recognize the important role of music in the church. Federation goals are listed below:

  • To enlighten and improve the spiritual and musical background of choir personnel, clergy, chanters and Greek Orthodox faithful.
  • To promote the establishment of music education programs at all levels.
  • To provide assistance to local churches in organizational matter pertaining to choir development.
  • To encourage development, composition, publication, and performance of Greek Orthodox sacred and Greek folk music.
  • To offer workshops, choir schools, and annual conferences to develop musical skills.


Charter Members of the Federation
Annunciation - Winston-Salem, NC
Annunciation - Atlanta, GA
Holy Trinity - Charleston, SC
Holy Trinity - Charlotte, NC
Holy Trinity - Columbia, SC
St. George - Greenville, SC
St. George - Knoxville, TN
St. Nicholas - Spartanburg, SC
Transfiguration of our Savior - Florence, SC

Virginia was part of the original SFGOCM but was assigned to the Mid-Eastern Federation when the diocesan structure was revised. There was a guest choir from Baltimore MD.

Important Downloadable Files

          National Forum Of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians Directory   http://churchmusic.goarch.org/contact/nationalforum
                                (updated 03/25/12)    


Directory of Metropolis Church Music Federations  http://churchmusic.goarch.org/organization/affiliates
(Updated 03/25/12)


   National Forum Individual Stewardship Form 



Additional Resources


Saint Romanos the Melodist Medallion
Kevin Lawrence


Patriarch Athenagoras I Medal
Rev. Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis 
St. John the Baptist of   Tampa,   FL  

Marilyn Kappiris Neyland
St. John the Baptist of Tampa, FL

Dialekti "Tee" Pappas
St. John the Divine of Jacksonville, FL

Presidents of the SFGOCM


Presvytera Anna Gallos
1976 - 1977

Theo Constan
1978 - 1979

Frances Trapales
1979 - 1980

Lee Mellon
1980 - 1981

Theodore Zamecki
1981 - 1983

Harry Booras
1983 - 1985

Joanna Cavalaris
1985 - 1987

Steve Aliapoulios
1987 - 1988

Drucie Papafil
1988 - 1990

Steve Aliapoulios
1990 - 1991

George Economy
1991 - 1992

Drucie Papafil
1992 - 1993

Constance Speronis
1993 - 1994

Mary Alice Kays
1994 - 1996

Catherine Kandilakis
1996 - 1998

Donna Palios
1998 - 2000

Toula Chininis
2000 - 2002

Mary Zaharis
2002 - 2004

Mary Zervos
2004 - 2006

John P. Mitchell
2006 - 2008

Margaret Sarafoglu

   Lucy Pappadakes Zapsas

G. Philip Thevaos, M.D