Lent and Holy Week

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The Akathist Hymn

Contains all the music necessary for the five Heretismoi services. The Heirmoi and Troparia for all the odes are in English, written in a Byzantine melody and ison style that can be sung alternately by men and women. Contains Greek and English versions of To Prostachthen, Ti Ipermacho, and Tin Oreotita, written in traditional SATB style. Also includes Greek and English versions of Here Nymphi Animfevte, Aliluia and the Gospel responses for the first Friday. The English text is that of the Pittsburgh Diocese Clergy Syndesmos.

Mr. Emanuel H. Creekus, PO Box 438 Massillon, OH 44648-0438.


The Salutations to the Virgin Mary (Heretismoi)

The Kanon (Anixo to Stoma Mou) preceding the Akathist Hymn is written in three-voice texture. The melody is sung by male and female voices accompanies by ison. Also inlcudes: To Prostahthen, Ti Ipermaho (three arrangements), the Bortniansky Theodorides minor Kyrie Eleison with tenor or soprano obbligato, and Tin Oreotita. Greek text and English phonetics.

Evangeline Music Press, Chatterton Apartments, 1 Baratra Court # 103, Timonium, MD 21093-1860 410/308-0188 E-mail: aggallos@comcast.net


The Akathist Hymn to the Theotokos (MW13)

English Translation, Western Notation. Cassette available. http://sgpm.goarch.org/Monastery/index.php?p=31

Hieromonk Seraphim Dedes, c/o St. Gregory Palamas Monastery, PO Box 206, Haysville, OH 44838 419/368-5335 E-mail: palamas@bright.net


The Akathist Hymn (2001)

For mixed voices, in Greek.

Mr. Stelio Scordilis, 750 Kaheka St. #1006, Honolulu, HI 96814 808/955-0433

E-mail: sscordilis@yahoo.com www.scheria.com


Odes from the Salutations

The eight odes sung during the Friday night services of Lent, in both modern and King James English. Includes a melodic line with ison, and also a harmonized version. The texts correspond exactly to the accents and meters of the Greek texts, and can be sung with any melodic lines that fit the Greek, syllable for syllable. http://www.geocities.com/takistan/

Mrs. Nancy Takis, 1900 Burkley Rd., Williamston, MI 48895 517/655-2060

E-mail: takistan@yahoo.com


Anastasimatarion (Sunday) Orthros and Vespers

A transcription of Byzantine chant into western notation by John Velon. Additional transcriptions that are available: Akathistos - Greek or English

St. George Publishing House, c/o John Velon, 4216 35th Avenue, Moline, Ill. 61265. Phone: 309 762-3186. Email: deejaquet@aol.com



Holy Friday Lamentations

The three stases of the Holy Friday Lamentations (original Greek, phonetics and English translation that fits the English perfectly and poetically). It also includes the music of the first stanza of each stasis of the English translation. This was done at the request of His Eminence Metropolitan Iakovos of Chicago who selected the stanzas.

Rev. Evagoras Constantinides, 9433 Arthur Street, Crown Point, IN 46307-1914. Phone: 216-663-2276. Email: FrEv@Juno.com


Lamentations (in Western Notation)

1st Stasis:  http://sgpm.goarch.org/ematins/Music/Lent/Holy_Week/MW-Lamentations1.pdf

2nd Stasis: http://sgpm.goarch.org/ematins/Music/Lent/Holy_Week/MW-Lamentations2.pdf

3rd Stasis:  http://sgpm.goarch.org/ematins/Music/Lent/Holy_Week/MW-Lamentations3.pdf


Lamentation Music for Good Friday

This new, fourth revised edition contains some English verses for the first three stasis, with an addition of the Evlogitaria. It includes the Doxology and Asmatikon Trisaghion, along with the traditional thrice-sung Kyrie Eleison and other pertinent hymns and responses. The style employed for the most part is in unison with a simple chordal accompaniment 

Evangeline Music Press, Chatterton Apartments, 1 Baratra Court # 103, Timonium, MD 21093-1860. Phone: 410-308-0188. E-mail: aggallos@comcast.net


Orthodox Hymns in English

Includes the Lamentations, among other feast day hymns. Used in the Antiochian Archdiocese. Printed in 1939. Michael Gelsinger later became a priest and died at the Greek Orthodox  Holy Transfiguration Monastery in Brookline, MA.

The Bookstore, Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese, 358 Mountain Road, PO Box 5238, Englewood, NJ, 07631-5238. 201-871-1355. E-mail: archdiocese@antiochian.org


Orthros of Holy And Great Saturday

Choral music for the service of Holy Friday evening including Theos Kyrios and opening troparia (Greek & English), katavasias of the canon (English), the Encomia/Lamentations (Greek & English), Evlogitaria (Greek & English), the Praises (English only), Great Doxology and procession (Greek & English), the litanies (Greek & English), the prokimena and readings (English only). 132 pages. Includes a copy of the Engomia texts in a format suitable for copying and distribution to the congregation.

Kevin Lawrence, 4132 Snyder Dr., Winston-Salem, NC 27127. Phone: 336-784-5128. E-mail: KJLawrence@aol.com 


Holy Week and Pascha

A choral work based on traditional melodies with English phonetics and integrated English translation. Contains the Good Friday lamentations, abbreviated with separate score for each verse and the special hymns for the Resurrection Service. For SATB choir.

Exohos Music Company, 3625 Lakeview Ct. NE, Rochester, MN 55906. Phone: 507/288‑3379


The Holy Friday Lamentations (Ta Engomia)

An English translation of the Lamentations for Holy Friday that follows the Byzantine melodies note-for-note and accent-for-accent but is natural in syntax, accurate in meaning, and poetic in language. It is also available as a pew booklet for congregational singing, or as a choir book with accents highlighted. Both books have Greek, transliterated Greek, and English side-by-side for easy switching between languages. There are two versions, one in "King James" English and one in modern English. Includes authentic Byzantine melodies, provided by Metropolitan Maximos; however, the translations can be sung easily with any of the traditional melodies and musical arrangements. http://www.geocities.com/takistan

Mrs. Nancy Takis, 1900 Burkley Rd., Williamston, MI 48895 517/655-2060 E-mail: takistan@yahoo.com




Lenten Materials - Holy Week

Holy Monday (Palm Sunday Evening)

http://sgpm.goarch.org/ematins/Music/Lent/Holy_Week/MB-HolyMonday.pdf. (Text and Byzantine Notation)

Holy Tuesday (Monday Evening)

http://sgpm.goarch.org/ematins/Music/Lent/Holy_Week/MB-HolyTuesday.pdf. (Text and Byzantine Notation)

Holy Wednesday (Tuesday Evening)

http://sgpm.goarch.org/ematins/Music/Lent/Holy_Week/MB-HolyWednesday.pdf. (Text and Byzantine Notation)

Holy Week Selections

http://sgpm.goarch.org/ematins/Music/Lent/Holy_Week/MB-HolyWeekSelections.pdf. (Byzantine Notation)

http://sgpm.goarch.org/ematins/Music/Lent/Holy_Week/MW-HolyWeekSelections.pdf. (Text and Western Notation)

Lenten Vesper Music


Lenten Music


Holy Week Music Training CDs

This set of 3 CDs contains the music for the Bridegroom Services of Holy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday translated and chanted by Fr. Seraphim Dedes (and Dr. Nick Giannoukakis for Holy Wednesday). It also includes the Holy Friday (i.e. Thursday evening) Passion Service of the Twelve Gospels, with Fr. Seraphim chanting his musical settings of the texts from "Holy Week and Easter" by Fr. George Papadeas. Disc 3 also includes PDF files of all the music in Byzantine Notation (and Western Notation for Holy Thursday evening), as well as a copy of all audio tracks in MP3 format.

St. Gregory Palamas Monastery, Fr. Seraphim Dedes, c/o Holy Cross Seminary, 50 Goddard Ave., Brookline, MA 02445. Prepaid orders only. E-mail: palamas@bright.net.


Anastasimatarion (Sunday) Orthros and Vespers

Holy Week: Includes all hymns for all the services of the week starting with Palm Sunday night through the Sunday Agape service. Greek only. 578 pages in length.

St. George Publishing House, c/o John Velon, 4216 35th Avenue, Moline, Ill. 61265, 309 762-3186. Email: deejaquet@aol.com 


Unpublished Liturgical Music for the Greek Orthodox Church

Single copies of hymns from the below categories are available for examination from the composer. In most of the categories, hymns are available in English as well as Greek: Holy Week services: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Easter.

Zes Press, 2503 Booksin Ave., San Jose, CA 95125. Phone: 408-723-0640. E-mail: tzes@SBCglobal.net